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“A flight in an open

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“The higher we soar, the smaller we seem

to those who can not fly” Friedrich Nietsche 

When I was a small boy, it had been my dream to become a pilot someday. This dream came true and I had the opportunity to fly for the German Airforce for over 21 years. My second dream, to own and fly an biplane, came true in the begining of 2014.

Buecker Jungmann T 131  “Adventure and

history in the sky over Sylt...!”

The story has started someday in the summer of 2013 when I accidentally flipped through an aviation magazin and read an article about the company AirRes form Poland. There I learned that this company has build a new Bucker Jungmann.  Not long after that I had got the idea to aquire this fabulous aircraft and bring it to the island of Sylt. Here in the sunny skies over Sylt it would be a nice spot to fly. During nice weather days this aircracft will be on display and free to visit or even to take a ride with the pilot. Either just take a trip around the island ot even have a nice aerobatic session. Just ask the pilot....  
© Stephan Stritter Aviation Sercive
© Stephan Stritter Aviation Sercive
Bucker Sylt